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Friday, October 1, 2010

Cozy Mystery Challenge is now over!

I can't believe it's that time already..time for the challenge to be over!

I bet you all did great!!!!

I'm going to leave the September reads form open through the 15th.  This gives people a chance to link up all their reviews.  If you want to link reviews for other months, please just link them all on the September form since I won't be checking the other forms to see which are new additions to the list.  After the 15th I will then update the page that has all the books read and links to your reviews.

Please make sure you also complete the form for having completed the challenge and for the give-aways!  The last chance to sign-up for the give-aways is 10/15 at midnight, central time.  I'll use random.org to pick a winner and will post the info that weekend.

I'm going to start making the bookmarks and getting those sent out too.  Everyone is going to get the same one this year.  I finally came up with a design this week and I'm hoping to make most of them this weekend.  I hope you like it..it's a surprise until you receive it!

I want to thank all of you for participating this year!  I had so many more from last year.  It's exciting to see this one grow each year.   Of course, as of right now I plan to host this one again in 2011.  Same place, Same time.  Hope to see you all come back and feel free to bring a friend.

I know that for me personally, I had started to drift away from cozies even though I love them and this challenge made me read more and fall back in love with the genre.


  1. Yes, I need to link up my September reads and fill out the form for having finished. I hope I can remember the cozies I read over the last six months. :)

  2. Good luck..if you're memory is like mine you need it! haha!

  3. This has been a super fun challenge and I hope you do this again.

  4. Vickie - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I definitely plan to host again next year.

  5. Kris, thanks for the Challenge. You got me reading again. I didn't think I would after my awful experience reading a person's bio earlier this year. :-)

  6. Su-sieee! Mac - oh wow! I'm so glad to hear this challenge got you back in the swing of reading! Yay!

  7. Sigh. I fell one book short of completing the challenge. But I still wrote a wrap-up post. I guess it's okay for me to list my reviews for the books I did read—just so people can read them if they want to. I just won't complete the entry form for winning anything. Oh well. I'm gonna continue reading my cozies; and I'll be back next year! Good luck to everyone.

  8. Donna - bummer that you were one book short! Fingers crossed next year you make it. I hope you do list your books still, you did read them for the challenge after all. And..I hope you had fun, because that's what the challenge is all about.