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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April reads and giveaway

Hello everyone! I'm so excited this challenge has officially started and I hope you all are too.

I'm going to list the books read this year, similar to last year only hopefully quicker.  If you finish a book for this challenge please come back to the challenge blog and let us know what you read.

As mentioned in the post I have giveaway's this year and I'm happy to start things off with one.  This month I'll be offering a copy of Mourning Gloria by Susan Wittig Albert.  Mourning Gloria is the latest in the China Bayles series.  While I admit to being way behind on this series myself (but made it a goal to catch up on this year) it is one of my first cozy series I really got into and one of my favorites.  If you haven't read any of them I highly recommend checking them out.      Since the publisher is offering this book for review, I'm giving readers an extra entry if they books they read for this challenge (for this month) are from the same publisher.  So..get out your Berkley Prime Crime and Obsidian series and get reading!
Update 4/19/11 - Signet Mysteries will count for an extra entry too!

Only the first two pieces of the form are required, the rest are optional.  However, if you do enter the giveaway please include a mailing address so I can give it to the publisher once a winner is selected.


  1. Susan Wittig Albert is a great choice.

  2. I hit post too soon. I meant to tell you I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested.

  3. I've submitted the review for my first two books. Will you provide a link at the end of the month to what folks have read and those who have posted reviews? I'm not entering this month's giveaway since I already have the book.

  4. Ann - I thought Susan Wittig Albert was a great option too. I'll be checking out your giveaway too..thanks for mentioning it.

    Kelly - I will be listing the books read and providing links to those who reviewed it on blogs! I plan to create a page for the 2011 reads and listed them there like I ended up doing for the 2010 reads.