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Friday, June 10, 2011

May giveaway winners

I'm terribly sorry I'm getting this info out to you so late!  It's been a very hectic for me the last three weeks both at home and at work.   Without further ado....

The lucky winner of Flowerbed of State is Julie E.!

I was thrilled when I found out I was able to giveaway several copies of Following Polly by Karen Bergreen. The lucky winners are:
Stacie A.
Lori M.
Yvonne H. and  Yvonne H.  (What are the chances of this happening? Two different participants with the same first name and last initial.)
Carol O.
Julie E. (time to play the lotto Julie!)
Nancy G.
Kelly S.


  1. I came in to link a review today and was excited to see this entry with my name as a winner! Thanks so much!!

  2. Yeah!! Thanks Kris so excited to read the books!!
    - I think you're right lotto time for me!!!

  3. Have you got a place for us to post a link to a wrap-up entry for completing the challenge? I just finished my last book (but haven't posted my review of it yet), but thought I'd ask before I write and post one listing everything I read for the challenge.

  4. I don't yet Kelly but I'll work on one this week. Congrats on finishing the challenge already!

  5. I logged on today and was excited to see that I believe one of the Yvonne H's is my mom. Didnshe have to do something like send an email to get the book? Just wondering since we saw it so late. Thanks

  6. Heather - The winners don't have to do anything! I already have the mailing info so I didn't need an email to get that info, etc.