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Friday, July 8, 2011

July Books Read

Sorry I'm so late getting this one up!  No giveaway this month but please still let me know what you read so I can update the list!


  1. I'm hoping maybe you're just behind in adding our books to the overall list because I just just have four listed there even though I've submitted nine reviews! (worried that maybe I messed up in submitting them) Also, I did end up posting a wrap-up post here:


    I've moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, but all my reviews can still be read on either one. Thanks again for hosting... I really enjoyed participating!

  2. Cozy in Texas - Thanks!

    Kelly - yeah...I've been pretty busy outside of work and haven't had a chance to update this blog yet. I did finally get a finish post up today and I'm going to work on getting the June reads updated on the list too. Thanks so much for linking your wrap up post!

  3. Is there an August Books form?

  4. Nancy...sorry for the late reply..there sure is a form!